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  • KT0936M(B9)

    Product overview
        The KT0936M is KT Micro’s 3rd generation of proprietary fully integrated mono full band FM/MW/SW receiver chip supporting mechanical tuning with embedded MCU. The new features include improved tuning feeling, working without EEPROM, tuning indicator, improved EMI/EMC, improved flatness of the sensitivity and the AM antenna can be placed more flexible. 
        Thanks to its advanced architecture, KT0936M offers an excellent user listening experience with high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion and low sensitivity to interference. 
        KT0936M provides direct and simple interface to support mechanical tuning. A pre-programmed low cost EEPROM can also be used to configure the radio settings to differentiate product designs and accommodate standards in various regions. No external MCU is required.
        Thanks to its high integration level and efficient user interface design, KT0936M lowers the system cost, simplifies design and improves product reliability and manufacturability. KT0936M can operate with two AAA batteries, making it ideal for low-power portable radio.
    Main characteristics
    Single-chip full band radio solution
          Built-in MCU
          Support analog mechanical tuning
    Worldwide FM/MW/SW band support
          Maximum two FM bands with configurable FM frequency range within 32MHz-110MHz
          Maximum two MW bands with configurable frequency range within 500KHz -1750KHz
          Up to 14 SW bands with arbitrary frequency range within 1.75MHz – 32MHz
    High Sensitivity
          1.6uVEMF for FM
          16uVEMF for MW
          13uVEMF for SW
    High Fidelity
          SNR (FM/AM): 58dB/55dB(without weighting filter)
          THD: 0.3%
    Low Supply Current
          29mA (operatingIntegrated tuning indicator
          Programmable sensitivity and hysteresis threshold
          The audio volume is gradually attenuated when the signal reception is bad
    Low supply voltage
          2.1V to 3.6V, can be supplied with 2 AAA batteries
    Integrated low power crystal oscillator
          Support 32.768KHz and 38KHz crystal
    Arbitrary reference clock supported
           From 30KHz to 40MHz with 1Hz step
    Small form factor SOP16 package
    RoHS Compliant
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